Thursday, November 20, 2008

Planet Green and Veganism

Perhaps my rants are becoming arduous, but I like to critique things and find out how something, say a television show or a network, relates or could relate to veganism.

On Planet Green I've noticed that very few programs talk about veganism or even vegetarianism.  So I wonder why, given the fact the veganism, which to me is synonymous with being green, is not given more attention on Planet Green.  Of course vegans may choose to not eat non-gmo and/or organic foods.  But the fact that vegans consume in anyway no products based on the remains of dead animals, their contribution to the environment is positive and thus green.  By not eating or wearing dead animals they are lowering the demand, even if only by a teeny tiny percent, for such products and I believe they are improving the overall carbon footprint.

Now, there are those who argue that if the demand for vegan foods increases while the demand of animal flesh decreases, we'll have to creat more farms, which means clear cutting large areas to make room for the increased demand of crops for food.  But I think that what people are forgetting (or perhaps they don't know) is that the demand for biofuels is really what is increasing the demand for crops of plants specific to making biofuels and is a larger factor in having to clear cut new areas to grow these crops.  I believe that if other alternatives are found, the need for biofuels would decrease and the land that we currently have can be used to create food crops and so diminishing the need for clear cutting.

This is my take on things. What do you think about such issues?

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Veganacious said...

Veganism is a threat to the status quo and asks people to look at long-held ideas that compartmentalize animals as commodities or family members. I am always amazed that people who are current leaders in the environmental movement do not talk about controlling human population and veganism, the two biggest threats to environmental quality. But things are shifting; I see the momentum building. Thanks for being a part of it!!