Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Who's Having Tofurkey Today?

I am wondering how many you are eating a Tofurkey.  Also, I wonder if on Thanksgiving you create your own twist on the traditional fare. Then again if any of you have to put up with the family tradional Thanksgiving and pick those veg dishes that are vegan (no butter, etc.) 

I've never had a tofurkey.  It just doesn't appeal to me.  But I think I'd like to try it just once because even though something doesn't seem to appeal to me, unless I try I don't know for sure.  And being ever curious, and obsessive-compulsive, it would drive me crazy not to have ever tried it.

Sometimes I get creative and make my own food and bring that to my parents' house.  One year I made an all-indian meal for  myself that consisted of channa dal masala, a spinach dish (don't recall what it was) and a nice batch of the ever fragrant basmati rice.

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Hillary said...

I know Im a little late, but I had tofurkey on thanksgiving. I LOVE it! My sister and I are vegetarian, while the rest of my family is not, so we can have our tofurkey with all the fixin's and it tastes great!

Thomas Clancy said...

Hi Hillary. Thanks for sharing. I think I will try one next Thanksgiving.

VegSpinz said...

I never liked Tofurkey roasts, although their Italian sausages rock! I like to make my own seitan roasts- they taste better and they're cheaper (if you don't count the labor).

Maria Rose said...

I've had tofurkey many times and it's not bad at all. The texture is a bit rubbery, but leftovers soo good in a sandwich with cranberry sauce.

Lindsay said...

Calling all vegans to participate in a vegan care package swap